Mac Dre & Mac Mall – Heat and Head

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Mac Dre’s opening gambit is “It’s getting hot up in here, baby.. uhhh, you need to take off all your clothes” through the cipher of one of his countless cartoon personas; though confusingly there is no real clue given as to which character that is. Mac Mall issues a string of word plays and double entendres covering the topics of nuclear weapons, soup coolers, psychiatry, long haul flights and Jamaica. The song rolls on gently, sounding a lot like a sample flip of a Mexican soap opera theme tune that’s been embelished with auditory nerve tingling, trade mark thizzle keyboard sounds and rimshot. The subject matter- felatio and firearms- is an unlikely combination which only adds to the ‘WTF? ‘ effect of the song with its confusing intro and bizzare synth squeals. Heat and Heat is a perfect demonstration of both the bay area’s psychedelic ‘thizz’ sound and Mac Dre’s standing as one of the most comedic rappers ever.

EPMD Eazy-E (snooze alarm blend)

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Eazy-E verse , EPMD verses , 9th wonder beat. Three good reasons to be bumping this blend. The rhymes might sound a bit ‘motivational’. The hook “being a gangsta is so sweet” is probably not the most rugged of EMPD’s output (infact it sounds like something a 12 year might have said circa ’96), but shit! those three on an epic sounding chilled 9th wonder instrumental. That’s a recipe for …. well, its a good recipe.

Snooze Alarm – Heaven Spacey (mix)

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Skewed cloudy easy listening rap and r’n’b mix.